Taking our rightful place

Have you ever experienced this feeling where you are playing a role, a responsibility that is not yours? Sometimes I feel like I am not me. Xxx is like this this this… does that that that.

I realized the importance of taking our own rightful place in our family. Each sequence has their own role to fulfil and the strength to fulfil. If you’re second placed and want to perform the role of the eldest, you will find something lacking, I am sure you can drum up the will to fulfil the role, but that naturalness, that flow, because it was never your, it will always be missing. This is something I struggled with for many years in my life, a role I tried so hard to fulfill, but I release myself now from the roles I say I should be.

I am simply not the eldest, the eldest didn’t make it. And because I am not him, I don’t have that “authority” and natural flow. I am simply the second child of the family, the natural bridge, the natural peace-maker, the love master and the one whose purpose in the family is to bring it some form of unity.

It sounds funny as I say this. Unity, I look like I am breaking unity in most of the things I do, seeking truth without emotions, without regarding others’ emotions. But without truth, I simply cant be in flow. The fact of the matter is, the biggest struggle you have in life, is the one hiding your greatest gift.

My biggest struggle in life is relationships. My most gifted area is relationships too, I just set out the narrative and blueprint to learn it all early. I honor my truth.

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