Marriage is hard work (and I’m willing)

Marriage is a beginning, not an ending.

There seems to be a huge misconception that marriage is like the end story. I beg to differ, like my favorite teachers say, we are choosing our best life teachers. The other half with the bits of ourselves we have choose to thrown away, hence opposites attract.

Our partner has the parts of ourselves we lost and we have to reclaim it with a life-long series of jousting events, marathons and wits night to reclaims the missing parts of ourselves. It can be as easy as we will it to be, or more than doubly difficult if we choose it to be. How big is our fight with God?

Child of God. He says “Let the children come to me”. Which father do not love their child. Parents and child have an unconditional love bond. We as children have no choice, but to love. And our parents just love us no matter how messy our rooms are.

Choose happiness my friends, as happiness is what God created us to have, to learn the rest of the lessons,

I couldn’t have found a better life partner who makes me willing to try and motivates me to face the quietness of my mind. (Though at times it feels like I can’t win this journey, at least not alone.)

Thanks Alex.

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