Making a claim via CASE & Small Claims Tribunal

It sounds easy but its not straight forward. Here are the simplified steps at a go.

CASE mainly serves the role as a 3rd party mediator. After fact finding session with you, they will draft the letter and send to the other party. And this is the part, as CASE has no legal enforcement etc., anyone can choose to not reply or ignore.

If CASE letter goes un-responded. You can than start a separate submission to Small Claims Tribunal, the process takes about an hour online and upon submission, you have to mail the letter to them via registered mail at SingPost. In our unfortunately experience, the date for hearing is 3 months away. So do not border on optimist and submit the forms directly if you do not receive any responses.

Key points to note

  • CASE has no legal enforcement power, so we were dissapointed with the non-response and non-outcome. CASE is optional
  • Small Claims Tribunal (SCT) facilitates a hearing and a judgement but does not do enforcement. For example, they ask the seller to return you the money but you have to chase the seller yourself. So if you meet a seller who doesnt care, you only have a paper award.
  • At our first SCT submission hearing, we had to withdraw the case as the filling can only indicate the name of the company. We had indicated the individuals in the company and was rejected. At this point, we wished someone could have told us so that we did not have to wait another 3 months for another hearing.
  • In total we waited 8 months for our ORDER/AWARD and the seller is not responding and pushing us around. Enforcement level is missing.

If anyone higher up reads this, please note that:
1.Enforcement is needed for SCT Order
2.Someone should read the submissions and advice if there’s error on the paperwork, reducing unnecessary time wastage both for your staff and ours.

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13 thoughts on “Making a claim via CASE & Small Claims Tribunal

  1. M

    Hi Lene, we encountered something similar at the same place as you. Would you like to connect to explore options?

    1. E

      Hi Lene
      This place is run by frauds and cheats. My sis and I have been cheated of large sums of amount. I found your blog thru a debt recovery service agency. Please reply so we can put our heads together to build our case. This is a cheating offence. Like you, police reports have been lodged. Hope to hear from you soon

  2. E

    Hi Lene,
    This shop is run by a bunch of cheats and frauds. My sis and I have been scammed a large sum of money by them. Police reports have been made but I believe we need more victims to come forward collectively to strengthen our case. I came across your blog site as I was browsing through a debt recovery agency’s service.
    Please reply to my email so we can gather our thoughts on this?

  3. David

    Hi Lene,

    I’ve encountered the same problem with this shop and am thinking of going to my MP to make a case about the lack of enforcement authority by CASE and the SCT. Could you email me? Thanks

  4. Ling

    Hi Lene, I am also going to the police stttion to make a report on my case pertaining to this fraud as well. Shall we connect?

  5. Ling

    HI Lene,

    I have exactly the same encounter with the same guy and am making a case as well.

    Can we contact each other for further information?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Candy, I couldn’t reply your email due to email address error. Please let me know your email on Facebook.


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