Lucky am i.

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I am lucky and in moments, some dark moments, I get reminded of this.

I believe that we are given more of some so that we can focus on the rest in life, the things that we have to learn at this point of time. I believe I am lucky to have exactly what I need in life. What I need comes to me, I am in no lack. I was recently told that I am a simpleton and I agree.

Just what is luck and what is being lucky?

From my point of view, luck is an ease in life to have what you need, when you need some additional advice, information, companionship and life just sprinkles it on you, when you need and ask for it. So luck in my view is getting exactly what you need. It does not mean you have perfection, it does not mean you are perfection, just you get what you need. Like I will be the most helpless handywomen in Singapore, so I am very blessed and lucky to have my husband who can fix everything (and anything, even mi)!

I believe that I am lucky and God always takes care of me. Hence Lucky is also my self belief.

What are the self beliefs that you have?

7 thoughts on “Lucky am i.

  1. A

    Hi Lene! I happened to come across your article on your legal complaint against a furniture company located at Tan Boon Liat. Could you contact me at my email address please? I have got questions as I will be lodging a report as well. Thanks so much in advance!

    1. admin Post author

      By the way if you paid by credit card, please call your bank to raise dispute immediately first.

  2. BL

    Hi Lene, I also faced a similar issue with one of the furniture shops at Tan Boon Liat Building., where we bought a dining table just recently in May. They haven’t picked up our call and wondering what we should do next. Thank you!


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