• Fibroids
    “Its like rehearsal for giving birth”“I had cesarean birth for my childbirth too, it’s okay”“Its a common operation”“Less than 1% chance of being cancerous” I was overwhelmed recently while making a decision. So […]
  • Lucky am i.
    I am lucky and in moments, some dark moments, I get reminded of this. I believe that we are given more of some so that we can focus on the rest in life, […]
  • What to do if you suspect that you have been scammed?
    A quick checklist if you encountered a dubious supplier/ retailer. I wrote this from experience and everyone’s experience could be different, so I don’t claim to know everything. I only try to write […]
  • Taking our rightful place
    Have you ever experienced this feeling where you are playing a role, a responsibility that is not yours? Sometimes I feel like I am not me. Xxx is like this this this… does […]
  • 26 May 2021
    God is in Everything I See (ACIM)PeaceFear is deception (ACIM)Without Judgment, all will be Love If you see it, it belongs to you.
  • “No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door…”
    “No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door: the purpose of light is to create more light, to open people’s eyes, to reveal the marvels around.” HERON RYAN, […]
  • Do you believe in synchronicity?
    I do. And I don’t mean a fairy tale story about saving a prince and marrying him, or kissing some frogs. Synchronicity to me, is about staying in a flow, allowing myself to […]
  • Experience Divinity as a Whole
    What if life is not about hard lessons, not about returning karmas, but about experiencing divinity? I ordered a gig from Shivany on Fiverr and she wrote this:“When our Soul chooses a “lesson”, […]
  • Furniture Fraud Tan Boon Liat Building #08-10
    Previously located at #14-06 and #08-10, they have moved to #08-10. Please read more on the other article. New name maybe Teak & Co. ?
  • Flowers, flowers, are you really that sweet?
    The day after Valentine’s day and the husband didn’t give me flowers, even though its out first V day during our first year of marriage. It goes to show… that probably I didn’t […]
  • Happy Families, Happy Children.
    Recently there has been much talk about a study by Singapore Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) released on 8 December 2020 : “Children of divorced parents tend to fare worse than […]
  • Journey to the West
    What if life is like the story “Journey to the West”, where we all have choices as part of our trials and tribulations. Sometimes we let the Pig in us lead, for instant […]
  • Making a claim via CASE & Small Claims Tribunal
    It sounds easy but its not straight forward. Here are the simplified steps at a go. CASE mainly serves the role as a 3rd party mediator. After fact finding session with you, they […]
  • Furniture Scam at Tan Boon Liat Building #08-10. $5,000
    Fraudulent furniture shop at Tan Boon Liat Building #14-06
  • Marriage is hard work (and I’m willing)
    Marriage is a beginning, not an ending. There seems to be a huge misconception that marriage is like the end story. I beg to differ, like my favorite teachers say, we are choosing […]
  • Walking
    When we walk, we only see what’s ahead of us -Mt Bromo Day 2 of blogging
  • Day 1 Blogging
    What’s a blog? To blabber? Or to wonder?