Flowers, flowers, are you really that sweet?

The day after Valentine’s day and the husband didn’t give me flowers, even though its out first V day during our first year of marriage. It goes to show… that probably I didn’t want flowers after all lolz. (I’m suddenly thankful that my husband doesn’t care for reading much, so he wont be reading this.)

Valentine Day flowers are over priced and expensive, I don’t really get the hype and I don’t really like a huge bunch of flowers. When I got married, the huge beautiful flower bouquet meant that I had to turn on the aircon and humidifier for a week. So tiring, though the flowers are very chio.

So this CNY, I bought myself 2 stalks of Kenya roses for $12, they are so chio and dainty. I love them.

To the gentlemen’s out there who are scratching your heads about a women’s obsession’s with flowers, please note the below.
1. If you give flowers regularly, you do not have to buy huge expensive flowers
2. Unless your wife likes showing off the flowers, its not nice having to lug it around orchard round after a romantic meal. Big doesn’t always mean better
3. If your wife asks for flowers and you refuse to give them, it will come a time where she will ask you for expensive bags or holidays instead. Do your math
4. To get extra buck for your dollar, go select your own flowers. For the same amount of money you are paying, your women will appreciate that you took time to ponder over your gift for her. In this day and age, any women can buy flowers for herself (everyday!), so as the old clique goes, its the effort that counts.
5. Before you give the flowers to your partner, you can look at the flowers and send the love you have for your partner to the flowers (imagine the flowers like an ang bao to store your envelope of affection), your partner will receive it.
6. Lastly man, know this. You get extra points whenever someone comments about the flowers. And it is easy these days with social media.

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