Experience Divinity as a Whole

What if life is not about hard lessons, not about returning karmas, but about experiencing divinity?

I ordered a gig from Shivany on Fiverr and she wrote this:
“When our Soul chooses a “lesson”, it’s not so much that we “learn” or “grow”. It’s so that the Soul can once again experience itself as Divine within its human lifetime.”

I was talking it through with my Soul Sister over a sumptuous Japanese lunch (that is probably a little extravagant) and the message I received is that Life is about experiencing Divinity as a whole.

I read some and have this collective idea that, prior to our human lifetimes as souls, as angels.. etc. we were unable to experience emotions fully as humans. So in our bid to experience emotions, we came to earth to truly feel it as a whole. And the more we experience, the fuller the circle of wholeness becomes. In this idea, it doesn’t mean experiencing the same emotions over and over again. The key word is new experiences. Going through the same cycle over and over again is bad attitude and it doesn’t count for this. New.

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