Do you believe in synchronicity?

I do.

And I don’t mean a fairy tale story about saving a prince and marrying him, or kissing some frogs.

Synchronicity to me, is about staying in a flow, allowing myself to be guided, while checking in if it’s my truth.

In my original plan for the week, I planned to go yoga and meet Friend A at PLQ for Starbucks and dinner at Yakiniku Like (sedap!). There was a change, I met that friend on Monday and as a result couldn’t go for yoga. So I made a resolute to go on Wednesday.

So the new plan was to meet on Wednesday at Suntec to try Sukiya before my yoga.

Guess what, if we had followed through our original plan to meet on Wednesday, we would have incidentally, met 2 other friends at Starbucks at PLQ.

What happened in reality was this.

10:30 Friend B asked if I’m free for lunch, I was.

13:00 Post-lunch I felt like he should be meeting Friend A, and asked if he was.

14:00 Friend B met Friend C at PLQ Starbucks and decided maybe it’s true to meet after all.

16:30 I text my yoga teacher that I planned to go for the 8pm class and he told me the later class has been converted to a private session. Ok no yoga.

Finally. Later that night, A, B, C and me all met at for dinner. 2 things transpired and 1 thought passed my mind.

My thought: Oh, it’s A and C who needs to meet and talk about this. The first thing that transpired is we learnt of a new life game from C and second, A invited C to consider this workshop.

I validated this with A and B. They agreed.

State now—> mind blow. So trusting and following the flow has its reason. We just need to ask if it’s our truth and follow.

Only sin of the night: Oreo milkshake

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