“Our life’s first purpose is happiness!”

-so says Veron Lim

Live to Play

Live is meant to be experience in a manner of Flow. If we can give up control over the aspects of our life and trust God. What is there to fear? Only time for play and more fun.

Live to Eat

Food is culture, food is love. When food travels, you see a joint community of shared history. Did pasta appear first, or did ban mian?

Be life. Believe. Belief.

Yes, youre right. As I was choosing domain name, it came down to a few things. To BE, be alive kicking and breathing.

It than dawns on me that to be life = belief. That is what we believe of life that brings us to the be the life we image.

I chose to choose happiness today. Make your choice and live your life.

“Be still because I AM HERE”

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